Aedifix+ Inc. offers a variety of services including architecture, building inspection and expertise, project construction management and other technical studies which respond to your objectives and your needs.


We assure that our mandate corresponds with your needs in order to ensure that your project is a great success.

Technical and functional program:

This is driven by a feasibility study, which will help to understand your project in a general way. The foundation of this study is a functional program, space planning and your budget. This may include the following (according to the need): organizational charts, sketches or summary plans, 3D presentations and a description of each room as well as an estimated budget for the entire project.

Development of the architectural concept:

This step consists of preparing the preliminary plans for the permit application and the plans for construction. The drawings may include (according to the need): 3D presentations, site plan, floor plans, sections, elevations and technical details. We also offer specific plans such as partial plans, circulation plans and emergency security plans. A specification manual completes these graphic documents and most notably describes: the general conditions of the work, the norms to be respected, the products to be used and the conditions of execution.

The goal is to provide the contractor with all the necessary information in order to assure the work is executed with a high level of quality.

Interior Design

Aedifix+ assist our clients with the development of their interior spaces. We specify the materials and colours of the finishes, the type of lighting, the model of the doors, the woodworking and millwork details, the hardware and sanitary fixtures as well as any other requirements as needed.

We use interior perspectives and coloured floors plans to illustrate the concepts. Material and colour samples are prepared with the goal of imagining the architectural quality of the interior spaces.

Call for tenders and contracts

Aedifix+ assists you with the analysis of tender submissions made by contractors in order to permit you to make an educated decision based on the qualification of the candidates, their experience, their capacity to support the work and their proposed price. We supply you with legal advice regarding the preparation of the contracts.

Construction administration

Aedifix+ ensures that the contractual documents are respected by the contractor and that the work is executed according to the agreed upon norms. We supply the contractor with all the necessary information when modifications are made. We approve the requests for payment according to the progress of the construction. We assist with the reception of the work and ensure that all deficiencies are corrected.

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