Aedifix+ Inc. offers a variety of services including architecture, building inspection and expertise, project construction management and other technical studies which respond to your objectives and your needs.

Construction and project management

Management of work after a disaster

Aedifix+ leads and controls the work after a disaster. Due to our vast network of qualified and specialized contractors, we assure the best coordination of reparation and restoration work in the shortest delay possible with the least harm.

Management of costs

Aedifix+ can help you to manage and control construction costs during the work. We rigorously verify expenses, and we evaluate the quality of executed and future work in relation to the requests for payment and the construction materials already used and to come.

Construction schedule planning

Aedifix+ coordinates the dates and periods of work for each contractor in order to optimize the construction time and to avoid any delays in the delivery of the building.

Contrôle de la qualité

Aedifix+ possesses efficient tools to control the quality of the contractual documents (drawings and specifications), the choice of materials and the building systems versus the allocated budget as well as the construction style.

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