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We are delighted to offer professional services while always ensuring the highest quality at an affordable price.
Our philosophy consists of responding to your spatial and organizational needs while always respecting applicable building codes and rules. We would love to provide you with a quality service in a timely fashion that permits your projects to succeed under the best circumstances possible. Our dynamic team is constantly listening to your demands. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Nouveau né en architecture!

Aedifix+ uses the most sophisticated graphic tools for the development of your project. We are experts with CAD and BIM software, which permit excellent project management and fluid coordination with engineering consultants.

Aedifix+ has access to a vast network of suppliers of high quality construction materials. The materials we offer are continually kept up to date. We have succeeded with almost every new construction technique available on the market.

Aedifix+ believes in attaining sustainable building practices during the development of our projects. We conceive of our buildings in a way that ensures highly efficient energy use, and that ecologically sustainable materials are used which ensure the health and safety of building occupants while protecting the environment. We offer architectural spaces that function well, are aesthetically pleasing and which use energy efficiently.

Aedifix+ can aid you in benefiting from grant programs and financial savings offered by the federal, provincial and municipal governments.

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